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For centuries Lviv has been inhabited by many nations, each bringing its own traditions, architecture and religious beliefs into the history of the city. This is how Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Orthodox temples emerged in the city, all being now in the list of Lviv tourist attractions. Some of them dating back to 13th century are considered to be real masterpieces and are worth visiting.

Only few of the main Lviv places of interest were listed here but real Lviv has many other wonderful places for tourists to expose, everybody will find something special to admire during a trip to Lviv.

 Rynok Square (Plosha Rynok)


 Rynok Square is the oldest central part of the city, with ancient buildings that once belonged to wealthy noblemen, each with its unique history and architectural décor. The city hall with the clock tower and trumpet players informing Lviv citizens about the time is located in the middle of the square. There are four fountains with statures of Greek gods at four corners of the city hall.

Lviv Opera House


Lviv Opera House is called a diamond in the architecture of Lviv, a theater of magnificent beauty and impressing luxury. The building was constructed between 1900 and 1903. Famous and recognized painters, sculptors and architects of that time were involved in the erection process. To be able to finish the planned construction works, architects had to displace the riverbed of the Poltva River and even to hide it underground in the concrete pipe. Both interiors and exteriors of the theater are vastly decorated with different types of marble, stucco and gold.

Lychakiv Cemetery


Lychakiv Cemetery. Lviv has always played decisive role in the history of the region that is why most of the wealthy merchants and noblemen used to live here. Even after their death they wanted to stay noble and famous paying huge money for their future tombstones and crypts at the local Lychakiv Cemetery, which with the lapse of time was transformed into real open-air museum and is now considered to be one of the most beautiful cemetery museums. Today interments at the cemetery are prohibited and only the most honorable and devoted citizens could be buried here.

Dzyga Gallery


Dzyga Gallery is considered to be an ART-terra of contemporary art for artists living and coming to Lviv.

Baroque style Jesuit Cahedral


Baroque style Jesuit Cahedral.  

Virgin Mary’s Assumption church


Virgin Mary’s Assumption church

 Armenian Cathedral


Armenian Cathedral  with 16-17th century tombstones.

 Masoch Cafe  

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch place of birth and Masoch Café.

Do you know that the famous writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, who paved a road to the term “masochism,” was born in Lviv? During the tour you will see both the place where he was born and the Masoch Café.

 High Castle


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