Mariinskiy Park and Royal Palace history

Mariinsky Palace.

It was built in Baroque style in 18th century on request of Russian Empress Elizaveta, daughter of Petr I. She was fascinated with city's beauty and ordered to build a special palace for the royal family. The project was designed by the main royal court architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who had constructed Winter Palace (Zimniy Dvorets) in Saint Petersburg. It has two storeys and large wings, which form an internal yard. The palace ensemble included gardens, greenhouses and a confectionary. Many extravagant balls were held in the palace when members of tsar (king) family and higher aristocracy stayed there. The interior of the palace contains numerous art works and luxurious decorations.

Mariinskiy palace nowadays

Nowadays, Mariinsky Palace in Kiev is an official ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine, where solemn state events, rewarding, receptions and meetings of official delegations are held.

If the park, palace, scenery on Dniper River are not enough for you, you can go down along the edge of the hill, pass by Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium (football stadium being the home of FC Dynamo Kyiv) and appear in other place, which is close to Mariinsky Park. Here you will find Water Museum, a unique building telling about hydrosphere, water supply, natural water resources with amusements for children and adults. Another fabulous building is puppet theatre with its own yard, where you can also sit on a bench feeling the time stopped, coming back to your childhood.

And, of course, every fairy place should be ended with a wooden bridge… a bridge of beloved, who come here and leave small locks as a symbol of their never-ending feeling...

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