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Odessa is one of the most beautiful and most colorful cities as for holidays in Ukraine. Odessa lays down on the beautiful cost of the Black Sea and shines in summer with sunny days, bright summer outfit, and sounds harmoniously with so many languages spoken by all the visitors and tourists who have chosen to spend their holidays in Odessa. There are so many stories and legends stored in Odessa architecture, monuments and other attractions of Odessa city. Do you know how many names Odessa has: South Palmyra, the capital of the SouthLittle Paris, Odessa-mama, the Black Sea Babylon. If you visit Odessa local inhabitants and Odessa interpreters and guides will tell you even more.

Traveling across Ukraine you definitely should visit Odessa. Attractions of Odessa travel and the city itself fascinates with its extraordinary beauty.

Due to original Odessa geographical location, the small settlement of Dzhinestra (Odessa city in future), was founded in the XIII century, during the Golden Horde, quickly turned into a scientific, commercial and industrial center of European significance. Nowadays trip to Odessa is attractive and very popular destination for holidays in Ukraine.

On Odessa travel with Odessa interpreters you will discover that Odessa is a huge Odessa harbor (the largest in Ukraine) and famous resort of Ukraine nowadays. The favorable climate, warm Black Sea and sandy beaches create all conditions for unforgettable holidays in Odessa, which is visited annually by millions of tourists from all over the world. Odessa is the “must see” city... you must hear it, breath its air and taste its “flavor” during your Odessa visit. The must see attractions of Odessa travel are:

Deribasovskaya street (central boulevard of the city),
Odessa opera theater, (one of the main attractions of the Eastern Europe according to the magazine «Forbes») and
Potemkin stairs (the longest stairs of the country).

Odessa-primorskij-boulevardDuring Odessa travel you should also see Odessa attractions: Primorsky Boulevard and the semi-circular area with a monument to Cardinal RishelePalaces of Potocki, Vorontsov and Naryshkin. There are beautiful monasteries in Odessa. The most popular monastery in Odessa is Assumption Monastery and Uspenskiy Monastery as well as Theological Seminary.

In addition, during holidays for your Odessa travel the famous Odessa museums:

Museum of Art,
Literature museum
Museum of the Navy
Western and Eastern Art museum
, and other
Odessa museums

Well-known Sea Port of Odessa is the largest harbor on the Black Sea, and boat trips along the coast at evenings and nights are unforgettable on travel to Odessa.

Odessa night life is extremely popular and entertaining, especially in summer, as the resort city life. Plenty of night clubs and restaurants open 24 hours 7 days a week on the sea side districts, like Arkadia and others.

Making a trip to Odessa, you can touch and experience all the sights, and enjoy the beauty of this magical city Odessa-mama.

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