Visit Kiev: the capital of Ukraine

Travel to Ukraine begins with a visit to Kiev – capital of Ukraine, one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Europe. Kiev is one of the ten largest cities in Europe, the population of Kiev is 3.2 million (non-officially more than 4 million). Visit Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and see how many beautiful Kiev attractions are here:

Architectural monuments
Gardens and many other prominent places

The historical fate of Ukraine is related to various political events in Europe during many centuries. That’s why first of all it was depicted on the architecture of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. Unique buildings in Ukraine have been erected during longer than fifteen centuries. When you visit Kiev you can find over 2,000 objects of history and culture, 39 of them have the status of international importance.

Tens of thousands of tourists visit Kiev every year, and Kiew welcomes its guests time by time, year by year. And how many interesting places await travelers in Kyiv. In the capital of Ukraine we have about 100 museums, 140 libraries, 33 theaters and over 50 houses of culture, which you can visit with a visit to Kiev.

The main historical value that should be visited in Kiev, is the St. Sophia Cathedral, built back in 1036. This architectural masterpiece at all times attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world. It was here, in the Ukraine's capital, were the first library has been found by Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

One more outstanding architectural monument of the capital of Ukraine Kiev is St. Andrew's Church, built in the style of Western European architecture with unique national features in 1749 by architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (Kiev  Cave monastery)  is the spiritual master piece of Kievian Rus – in the far past monks were writing books here, developed painting, church singing, and medicine.

Among the other monuments of famous constructions can be noted the Golden Gate, the Mariinsky Palace, the National Opera and Ballet Theatre and many other unique buildings that you see if visit Kiev.

Kyiv (Kiew) visit – it’s a journey to one of the most important economic, political, scientific, religious and cultural centers of Europe.
Kyiv (Kiew) - is not only the capital of Ukraine, Kiew – is a capital of the whole Slavic civilization.

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