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The most famous and popular Kiev attractions in the city

If you’ve decided to travel to Ukraine you definitely should visit Kiev – the capital of Ukraine.What to visit in Kiev?

Together with guide in Ukraine you will see the most interesting and meaningfull places and cities in Ukraine and will discover a lot of new Kiev attractions for you during holidays in Ukraine.

City tours in Kiev with Ukraine guide – it’s the best way to see the city in all its beauty and to discover history of the city, many interesting details and events, local mentality in general and about Kiev particularly.

During Kiev tour Ukraine guide will show you meaningful attractions of the capital of Ukraine and will tell you plenty interesting facts about them. Planning to visit Kiev?  You will have a chance  to visit the following attractions:

TOP Must See Kiev Attractions:


 Kreschatik (Khreschatyk) is the main street of the Kiev city. During the Kiev tour you should definately visit Kreschatik. Such must see attractions like Kiev founders - 3 brothers Kyj, Scherk and Horyv and their sister Lybid, Independence square - Majdan, Stalinizm Empire style architecture, and other important monuments of the capital of Ukraine. There are  celebrations and events being held oten. Our Kiev guide would tell you a lot about this beautiful street called Kievian Champs Elysees.

Independence square


Independence square (ukr: Majdan Nezalezhnosti). This is the main square of the country and the capital of Ukraine. The history of the area is over 200 y.o., many cultural and political events are being held on Independence square.  On the left side of the square is a Monument of Independence which is symbolizing the freedom of the country.

St. Sophia’s Cathedral


St. Sophia’s Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site). The National Reserve ,the site listed on UNESCO heritage list - St. Sophia's Cathedral. On its territory the famous Golden Gate (the old entrance to the capital) and the famous church are located. You should definitely visit this place and during tours Kiev will look even nicer than you expected it to be.

Cave Monastery of Kiev


Cave Monastery of Kiev (Kievo-Pechersk Lavra). This ancient 1000 y.o. Cave Monastery impresses visitors by its beauty and old history, nice views to the Dnieper river and Caves tunnels. Talking about Ukraine travel and tours Kiev it is a top place where you find  many museums and variety of churches and cathedrals with a long history behind. Kiev guide will also show you the Mariinsky Park and the building of the Parliament building of Ukraine nearby.

St.Michael's Cathedral


St.Michael's Cathedral (Golden Domed St. Michael Monastery). The Cathedral was found in 1108, blown up in 1937 on soviet regime command, and later on restored in 1998. Before the destruction of the Cathedral Scientists removed from the walls treasured mosaics and frescoes made by famous masters of Kievan Rus.

Golden Gate Kiev


Golden Gate Kiev (the antient entrance to the city). Kiev Golden Gate was built in 1164 after the construction of  defense walls of the New City was finished. The structure strikes by its grandeur and inaccessibility: over the powerful military tower was housed the church of the Annunciation. It was very symbolic for the Christian city, because the gate served as the main entrance to Kiev.

Kiev Opera



Kiev Opera and Ballet theater (Kiev Opera)  is an architectural monument of 19th century. In 1898 - after the fire of 1896, they've started construction of a new building on project of the Russian architect Viktor Schröter. Nearby the Opera theather you may also find such attractions as St. Sophia's Cathedral and Golden Gate. The performances are being held during all the season from September till the and of June annually.

Pirogovo Museum



The National Museum of Folk, Architecture and Life: Pirohovo. "The open air museum", which is one of the TOP Kiev attractions, it is situated on the outskirts of Kiev on 150 hectars. Museum consists of more than 300 buildings, which were taken from different historical regions of Ukraine to the museum and rebuilt on the spot. The official name of the Museum is "National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life", but people caught on a simpler and more imaginative name - "Pirogovo Museum" associated with the name of the village, which existed in this region since the seventeenth century.

 Kiev Rus Park



Kyiv Rus Park (Kiev Rus Park)

The project “Kyiv Rus Park” is open-air entertaining museum of Ancient Kiev Rus culture and history. Its purpose is to create a cultural center of East-Slavic countries, to make it unique interesting tourist attraction and to spread the knowledge and valuation of its masterpieces.

The creators of “Rus Park” reproducted the architectural image of the ancient Kyiv of V-XIII centuries in 1:1 scale and created an atmosphere of Kievian Rus, applying the real facts and scientific data.

 War Museum



2-nd World War museum (or Great Patriotic War museum)

More than 300 000 unique exhibits shown as indoor and outdoor collection of tanks, weapons and firearms, awards, battle flags, documentary photographs, letters and diaries of wartime front-line objects of everyday life, chronicle of the wartime. The exhibition represents both Soviet and Nazi army elements. II War Museum is a part of the Kiev attractions list from 1 DAY Legend Tour of Kiev.

House with



House with Khimeras 

Decorated with bizarre sculptures of animals and mammals this famous Kiev attraction looks a lot like a piece of masterpiece, removed from the peaked roof of the Notre-Dame in Paris and teleported to Kiev city.This current residence of the president and at the same time atchitectural museum is the most unusual Kievian creation.

The roof of the building is decorated with rows of good-natured toads. From the walls of the house inbuilt  heads of rhinos and antelopes are getting out, when water pipes are made in the form of snakes and elephant trunks. One more surprise, visitors discover  about this house placed on the cliff - the fact that from the front side it has only 3 floors, when on the back side it's six-floors building!

Many legends cover the history of House with Hymeras but in fact it was just smart advertising campaign launched by architector Gorodetsky to promote new material - concrete.

Chernobyl Museum



Chernobyl Museum
Dedicated to chronicle of the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986, analyzing the causes and consequences of the accident. You will find typical things, photographs, relics from the exclusion zone,declassified documents and maps. Three-phase diorama of Chernobyl nuclear power plant before, during and after the accident.

 St. Andrew Descent

St. Andrew Descent 

St.Andrew’s Descent (or Andriyivsky Uzviz) is such a unique place in Kiev. St. Andrew descent is the Montmartre of Kiev, cultural and art place. There is a market street of arts, crafts and souvenirs where many artists display their works on the street sides. Historically, the Andrew’s Descent connected the governmental part of the Upper City with the Podil, the commercial downtown  of merchants. Now it is the Kievites' favorite place for outdoor fairs, festivals and concerts. Travellers come here to visit art-galleries, shops and studios. Here you will see a great selection of various souvenirs, antiques and paintings.


Bridge of Lovers

Mariinsky Palace and Park

Mariinskiy Palace and Park

Mariinsky Park is close to the very centre of Kyiv – Khreschatik, being its green picturesque centre. You can walk along its paths, admire beautiful fountains, listen to talented street musicians, take a sit on one of the benches under big old trees, which always give you a rest in hot summer days. Mariinsly park differs from all others with its incomparable scenery on Dniper River.

You may stay here for hours, in the very centre of business city, surrounded with trees, looking at famous river and its bridges, with a royal palace behind…

National Philharmonic

National Philharmonic of Ukraine has been counting down concerts seasons since 1863, when the first Kiev branch of the Imperial Russian Musical Society was founded.

Performances being help by National Symphony Orchestra and other classical music bands presenting music of such a famous composers as Rachmaninoff, J.S. Bach, Mozart, F.Shubert, R.Shuman, Wagner and many others.

What to see in Kiev more Kiev attractions:

Cossack Village "Mamaeva Sloboda"

Arc of the Friendship of Nations

Motherland Statue

Babij Yar

Podil (ru: Podol) - the oldest district in Kiev

Water museum

Ex-President Palace Mezhigirya - Yanukovish Villa

Summer culbs and beaches in the city

More about Kiev:"Visit Kiev: the capital of Ukraine".

Tours Kiev

Visit Kiev: the capital of Ukraine

Travel to Ukraine begins with a visit to Kiev – capital of Ukraine, one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Europe. Kiev is one of the ten largest cities in Europe, the population of Kiev is 3.2 million (non-officially more than 4 million). Visit Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and see how many beautiful Kiev attractions are here:


  • Architectural monuments

  • Museums

  • Theaters

  • Parks

  • Gardens and many other prominent places


The historical fate of Ukraine is related to various political events in Europe during many centuries. That’s why first of all it was depicted on the architecture of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. Unique buildings in Ukraine have been erected during longer than fifteen centuries. When you visit Kiev you can find over 2,000 objects of history and culture, 39 of them have the status of international importance.


Tens of thousands of tourists visit Kiev every year, and Kiew welcomes its guests time by time, year by year. And how many interesting places await travelers in Kyiv. In the capital of Ukraine we have about 100 museums, 140 libraries, 33 theaters and over 50 houses of culture, which you can visit with a visit to Kiev.


The main historical value that should be visited in Kiev, is the St. Sophia Cathedral, built back in 1036. This architectural masterpiece at all times attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world. It was here, in the Ukraine's capital, were the first library has been found by Prince Yaroslav the Wise.


One more outstanding architectural monument of the capital of Ukraine Kiev is St. Andrew's Church, built in the style of Western European architecture with unique national features in 1749 by architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (Kiev Cave monastery) is the spiritual master piece of Kievian Rus – in the far past monks were writing books here, developed painting, church singing, and medicine.


Among the other monuments of famous constructions can be noted the Golden Gate, the Mariinsky Palace, the National Opera and Ballet Theatre and many other unique buildings that you see if visit Kiev.


Kyiv (Kiew) visit – it’s a journey to one of the most important economic, political, scientific, religious and cultural centers of Europe.


Kyiv (Kiew) - is not only the capital of Ukraine, Kiew – is a capital of the whole Slavic civilization.


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