Kiev Rus Park Inside

Kyiv Rus Park

The project “Kyiv Rus Park” is open-air entertaining museum of Ancient Kiev Rus culture and history. Its purpose is to create a cultural center of East-Slavic countries, to make it unique interesting tourist attraction and to spread the knowledge and valuation of its masterpieces.

The creators of “Rus Park” reproducted the architectural image of the ancient Kyiv in 1:1 scale and created an atmosphere of Kievian Rus, applying the real facts and scientific data.

Olesko Castle

     The Olesko castle is one of the oldest building in western Ukraine and one of the best-known castles that had been reconstructed from ruin. Olesko Castle is a fascinating attraction to visit, that has really rich history of his structure. It is an architectural and historical monument of the XIII-XVIII centuries, located in the village of Olesko, Busk district of Lviv region.

One Wall House Odessa

"Card House", "Flat House", "Witch House", "House of Shadows" - this is nicknames of mysterious building in Odessa. The most ordinary at first sight the house appears before the eyes in a completely different way, if you look at it at a certain angle. That's why he got so many weird nicknames - he seems completely flat.

Golden Gate Kiev

Kiev Golden Gate is a monument of 12th-century fortification, one of the few that have survived to nowadays. The construction strikes visitors with its grandeur and inaccessibility: over the powerful battle tower was housed the church of the Annunciation - it was very symbolic for the Christian town. In fact the Golden Gates served as the main entrance gate to Kiev. Golden Gate was built in 1164, after they had completed the construction of the defense shafts of the New Town.

Odessa fortress

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi is an old historical town in Odessa region, which was based on the remains of the Tyras, ancient Greek city on the northern coast of the Black Sea. It stayed there to the IV century. Now the city is famous for its fortress - a historical and architectural monument of XIII-XIV centuries. Also tourists can visit Shabo, Shabo is a Wine Culture Center and is located in a resort area in the Odessa Region, one of Europe’s oldest regions where winemaking traditions are dated as far back as the ancient times.

Extreme sports Kiev

   Trukhaniv Island is the most beloved corner for the rest of Kiev residents. As soon as spring comes, cyclists begin to run on favorite park paths on the island; boatmen and wakeboarders go out for water training: the season of competitions opens; runners are trained in clean air.

Museum of National Folk Architecture and Rural Life "Shevchenkivskyi Hai"

"Shevchenkivskyi Hai" - one of the most famous museums of Lviv, a popular place of recreation citizens and guests of the city. It introduces visitors to rural architecture and lifestyle of past centuries. Museum of folk architecture and life in Lviv is an open-air museum where you can learn about life of Ukrainians. Today on the territory of the Museum is located eteson 124 monuments, which are United into 54 farmsteads. The Museum has four exhibition halls. Two of them have the permanent exhibitions.

National Philharmonic of Ukraine

National Philharmonic of Ukraine has been counting down concerts seasons since 1863, when the first Kiev branch of the Imperial Russian Musical Society was founded.

Performances being help by National Symphony Orchestra and other classical music bands presenting music of such a famous composers asRachmaninoff, J.S. Bach, Mozart, F.Shubert, R.Shuman, Wagner and many others.

The Brodsky Synagogue

The history of the Jewish people is closely linked to Ukraine.

Over a thousand years the representatives of this community live on the territory of Kiev. An incredible effort was made by them to live, study, work in Kyiv, just to be in this city.

Primorsky Boulevard

   Primorsky Boulevard is one of the best architectural ensembles in the style of classicism on the territory of Ukraine. Boulevard is a business card of the "Pearl of the Black Sea". Being in Odessa you really must firstly visit this one of the most popular tourist attraction.

Lviv sightseeing. The Lviv Opera House
   Lviv Opera House is one of the best theaters in Central Europe and Ukraine. There were outstanding soloists of the twentieth century on the stage , and among them Solomiya Krushelnytska – the pride of Ukraine.
   The theater is the key attraction of the city for its architectural and historical uniqueness. Due to its high level of performances is included in the international Association of 'Opera Europa' – the only among theaters in Ukraine.
World War 2 Museum in Kiev

World War 2 museum or Great Patriotic War museum / WW2

More than 300 000 unique exhibits shown as indoor and outdoor collection of tanks, weapons and firearms, awards, battle flags, documentary photographs, letters and diaries of wartime front-line objects of everyday life, chronicle of the wartime in the 2nd World War museum in Kiev. The exhibition represents both Soviet and Nazi army elements and world war 2 facts. II War Museum is a part of the Kiev attractions list from 1 DAY Legend Tour of Kiev.