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Market Outlook

Competition Information

List of potential contacts

Import Statistics


Market Outlook

Competitors Information

Customs Regulations

Import Statistics

Making contacts & Business Connections


Market analysis

Competitors Information

Customs Regulations

Import Statistics

Business Connections during 1 month

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Support Package
16 hours of remote support from our executive business team providing email and telephone support to existing Ukrainian customers, suppliers and partners providing a local connection for your company.
€150 per month
& Representation
45 hours of support from our executive business team including up to three client meetings or representing the company at trade events per month to provide an on-going personal connection between your business and your Ukrainian customers, suppliers and partners.
€500 per month
Market research in Ukraine
Market Research

We will give you all information about market need,competition and prospective and existing customers to make your participation in the exibition more succesful.

Business Partners in Ukraine
Business Connections

We will help you to find potential clients and partners in Ukraine, set up an appointments with them and establish close connetions with whose who are interested in cooperation.

Import Statistics
Import Statistics

If you are interested in import trade statistics we will provide market access information and give you all necessary details to make your business successful and perspective.

Customs Regulations
Customs Regulations

We will tell you about all Customs Regulations for entering and leaving Ukraine: import, export, luggage, transit, transportation in order to you can avoid all misunderstandings

Competitor Analysis in Ukraine
Competitor Information

We will give you all information about strenghts and weaknesses of current and potential competitors in order to identify opportunites and threats.

Market Outlook in Ukraine
Market Outlook

We provide market outlook for our clients to find out the main trends in various industries, give you a clear vision of prospective and make your business in Ukraine more profitable. 

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VIDEO REVIEW. "I just literally done an informal interview with someone I needed to have a translation for. And that was very easy, very professional services. So thank you very much."


VIDEO REVIEW. We come there for trip to the Lviv. We had a great time, brilliant Alina help us to organized our trip. We come to the Lviv and its one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been in. And I've been in many. Go to Ukraine and Alina will help you organize a perfect tour.


How to expand the markets for your products?
We will make the Ukrainian market analysis in your product segment / sector and provide a competition overlook, demand for the product on the Ukrainian market, and give you a clear vision of prospective. MARKET OUTLOOK: Brief on a product We go to the shops , businesses , make photos, as questions Brief on the product market current scenario Total of imports of this product 3 biggest players in the market -> competitors Certification and Packing Requirments .
How to evaluate the opportunities of Ukrainian market for your business and export prospects?
WE PREPARE FULL MARKET RESEARCH for all types of businesses in Ukraine Everything to make your participation in the exhibition more successful Improving results from the exhibition by: 1.List competitors of the market including their address and full details 2. Retail price on the market 3. Quatity of annual imports to UA of your product to the market: from official statistics sources 4. Local manufactures if available in UA 5. Certification and packing requirements to enter UA for import 6. Customs duties, conditions and clearance 7. Inviting in advance for the potential clients to visit the stand .
How to find new partners in Ukraine?
We’ll find contact details, make phone calls and contact with potential partners by email, who may be interested in cooperation and set up an appointments with them for your arrival.
I already have a list of potential partners and their contacts. May someone call them on behalf of my company in Ukraine?
We set up a meeting with your clients / suppliers to your scheduled date of arrival and will schedule meetings according to the most convenient location addre in order to optimize the time to travel around the city. Meeting preparation includes: Identifing potantial clients Calling them Sending emails in Russian Writing in Russian your company business presenattion and sending it to the clients Preparing agenda for the meetings Visiting clients, transporting you to the potential clients Final visit report preparation and post Visit Follow Up Full support on Exhibitions preparation and participation .
How to find English speaking interpreter for Exhibition in Kiev?
We provide a professional support for EXHIBITIONS: Transportation including airport transfer and transport from the Hotel to/from Exhibition Visa support Professional Interpreters Hostesses General Market research Personnel for your exhibition stand: hostesses, interpreters, security, cleaning, waiter Cattering Sightseeing tours .
Will I receive accounting documents, invoices ordering services in Ukraine?
Go2UA agency works officially and we provide a complete package of documents at your request..
How may I pay and what currency of payment for the interpreter services in Ukraine?
We provide you with the right choice of payments in different currencies - the dollar / euro / hryvnia as well as cash or non-cash (SWIFT) details for payments.
How do I order a car rent with English speaking driver in Ukraine?
Go2UA offers the local interpreter with a car and / or private driver services. You may choose from a wide selection of cars E and S class: Sedans Minivans Drivers: Russian or English speaking Almost at the same price, which would cost you to a rental car including gasoline cost.