Ukraine travel visit

   Local info about Ukraine, Slavic and Ukrainian mentality, culture, habbits, cousine. 


Full country name:


Ukraine Population :

48 milllion
  Ukrainians: 78%
  Russians: 17%

Country Area:

603 700 km2 (233,000 sq mi) second largest in Europe

Capital City:

Kyiv (ru: Kiev)

Kyiv Population:

Official 2,7 million
Non-official more than 4 million

Kyiv Area: 

836 km2 (84 hectar)


Official language: Ukrainian
Languages spoken: Russian and Ukrainian on the equal level


Orthodox 88%
Catholics 2%

Ukraine's time zone:

UTC +2 , and +3 (during daylight saving time)


Ukraine is visa free for magority of the nationalities, though some need visa to enter the country.

More and more travelers come to visit and discover Ukraine. What is so attractive in this Eastern European country nowadays?

First of all, Ukraine has very old and genuine historical and cultural background. Tourists from all over the world visit the most popular sights located in:

Kiev- the capital of Ukraine


  The history of Ukraine as the history of any other country is considered as a unique story of the people inhabiting its territory. There are a lot of events in Ukrainian history which reflect the life of people of different cultural, ethnic and estate layers. The most picturesque and memorable is the glorious Cossack-peasant uprising lead by hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky in the middle of the 17th century.

  Cossack era showed the soul of the Ukrainian people, its striving to freedom and national spirit. Ukraine is rich in many names of our compatriots who glorified our land and left their step in its history. Ukrainian people can boast not only with our hetmans such as Petro Sahaydachny, Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Mazepa who fought for better lot of our people, but also with our prominent scientists such as Konstyantyn Tsiolkovsky, Yevhen Paton and many others.

The part of the soul of every nation is its songs.


  Most of the Ukrainian music and folk songs were born in those glorious Cossack times and fully reflect our attitude to life and coexistence among people. Ukrainian music and songs are considered to be among the finest songs in the world in their tune and melody. Ukrainian national songs and dancing is still taking place at festivals, tv-shows, commonly at wedding parties, national holidays events…

  Each person reads the history of his nation under his own point of view. Ukrainian history can be regarded as the story of the people which fighted for its independence against so many Nations and Empires. And the main issue of this contest is the lack of agreement among its participants. A well-known proverb says, «There are three hetmans between two Ukrainians in Ukraine». And the modern history also proves this statement. It’s very hard for us to find the unique symbol and come together to achieve the before-definite aim. That’s why Ukrainian history has many losses, even tragic ones.

  Though, everything is not as bad as it might seem to be. The main advantage of Ukrainian nation before others always was in our beliefs in better lot and of course the insistence to get the result.


Modern Ukraine is dynamically growing, has an open market and is always open for investors. Businessmen from different countries also come to visit Ukraine. Some negotiate to establish business on young Eastern European market, some already have started and come here to control it. International companies have their branches located mostly in a big cities of Ukraine. 

For foreigners who come to Ukraine it is though a challenge at the beginning as almost nobody understands and speaks their languages. That’s why many non-russian speaking visitors tend to adapt to Ukrainian environment with help of interpreters, assistants, personal guides and English speaking drivers, having a person to rely on. But soon you start feeling welcome like at home, because hospitality is incredibly good and it is in Ukrainian blood.