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Pervak restaurant
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Pervak Restaurant
Rognedinskaya st, 2
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   The visitor in the 'Pervak' restaurant exactly can't be bored - he returns here again and again. This, of course, testifies to the success of the restaurant. The original interior, the details of which can be considered infinitely, is designed to attract the interest and attention of guests. We are proud to invite you to Pervak, to one of the eldest restaurants in Kiev.

  Pervak, one of the best folk Ukrainian restaurants in Kiev, and is located in the heart of the capital. It serves a wonderful range of freshly cooked dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Pervak offers a wide range of traditional Ukrainian drinks and food which you can enjoy in either the big hall, or one of the small rooms decorated in Ukrainian style.

  The restaurant of national cuisine "Pervak" consists of 8 rooms. The first  is Khreshchatyk, which is divided into two parts by a spiral staircase with several authentic stairs in 1902. There are a lot of plants, antique parts and even an acting grand piano. On the second floor there is a hall-gallery, from where you can observe what is happening on the first floor. Everywhere there are retro photos and a real gramophone. It's a perfect place for those who want to retire and savor vareniks with tinctures. The hall "Bessarabka" imitates the eponymous market. There is also a salad bar "Obzhorny Ryad", where during lunch you can indulge in unlimited quantities of salads. There is live music played in the evenings, which incites people to dance after a few bells of tincture. The "Library" hall is decorated with antique books, photographs, paintings and an operating fireplace. In the cold season, it warms all the guests, crackling to the rhythm of ringing cutlery.

   The menu also displays the best traditions of our history. Of course, there is no way to do without borsch, vareniki, lard and cutket 'po-kyivsky'.  Sausages, varenyky, desserts - they do everything in their kitchen and necessarily test all dishes before serving. Quality control is a continuous, daily process.

  Finally, in the souvenir shop you can buy a bottle of tincture, handmade embroidery or other souvenirs. Well, and how without the beloved Ukrainian tradition "on horseback"? When you exit, all guests will certainly drink a pile of Ukrainian tincture 'hrenovuha'!

   Ukrainian restaurant “Pervak” is ideal for business meals with spaces available for private hire or with friends and family.