Pirogovo Museum
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3 hours

Pirogovo is the unique museum, the historical place in Ukraine, that gives you an opportunity to see the architecture and mode of life of all the regions in Ukraine starting from 17th up to 20th century. 

We'll pass through the old windmills, school, churches, enter inside some of them and touch the history. Ukrainian tableware, furniture, interior, national outfit, food and drinks - everything collected and represented in one place! Open Ukraine and order this fascinating tour with your private guide.

Cost of entrance fees inside the museums is not included in a tour price. Golf cars and bicyclesare are optional to rent at the territory of the park.

Tour highlights
Pirogovo Museum

The National Museum of Folk, Architecture and Life: Pirohovo."The open air museum", which is one of the TOP Kiev attractions, it is situated on the outskirts of Kiev on 150 hectars. Museum consists of more than 300 buildings, which were taken from different historical regions of Ukraine to the museum and rebuilt on the spot.  The official name of the Museum is "National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life", but people caught on a simpler and more imaginative name - "Pirogovo Museum" associated with the name of the village, which existed in this region since the seventeenth century.

Khreschatik. Kiev central street.

Kreschatik, or in Ukrainian spelling - Khreshchatyk is the central street of the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

Kreshchatik is the business heart during a day and partying area of Kiev night life. And one of the favorite top sights of the tourists and locals.

During interesting historical sightseeing, we will also show you all the spots which you souldn't miss later on.

Podil the oldest districts of Kiev

   Podil is one of the oldest districts of Kiev, located in the lowland between the mouth of the river Pochaina and the slopes of the Starokievskaya, Zamkova, Horevitsa, and Schekavitsa mountains. Today Podil district is the main cultural center of Kiev that attracts residents and tourists with beautiful architecture, historical monuments and bohemian atmosphere.