Must seeKiev attractions
Tour Details
1.5 - 2 hours

After you walk up across the street 5 minutes away from Independence square you will find a square with first beautifull cathedrals and monuments. Passing streets covered with one of Kievian prides - Chestnuts trees, Kiev guide will show you TOP 4 popular sights. Sightseeing during Kiev Mini Tour includes:

  1. St.Michael's Cathedral
  2. St. Sophia's Cathedral.
  3. Golden Gate (the antient entrance to the city).
  4. Opera house - just around the corner.

Would like to visit the theater later in the evening? - Our kiev travel guides help you to book tickets in advance and make your holidays in Ukraine interesting and saturated.

Cost of entrance inside the museums is not included and is to be paid extra (average fee is from 1 up to 3 USD per ticket).

Tour highlights
Outstanding architectural monument of Kievan Rus

St. Sophia cathedral is dedfinately a TOP must see attraction in Kiev. It's an architectural and historical masterpiece. Kiev Sophia cathedral is a UNESCO heritage sight which originally preserved since 11th century.

The church impresses with its frescoes and mosaics made back in 1020's. The guide will introduce you to the Kiev Rus times, culture and connections with the middle age Western Europe world and interesting facts.

St.Michael's Golden Domed Cathedral

St.Michael's Cathedral (Golden Domed St. Michael Monastery). The Cathedral was found in 1108, blown up in 1937 on soviet regime command, and later on restored in 1998. Before the destruction of the Cathedral Scientists removed from the walls treasured mosaics and frescoes made by famous masters of Kievan Rus.

Golden Gate Kiev

Kiev Golden Gate is a monument of 12th-century fortification, one of the few that have survived to nowadays. The construction strikes visitors with its grandeur and inaccessibility: over the powerful battle tower was housed the church of the Annunciation - it was very symbolic for the Christian town. In fact the Golden Gates served as the main entrance gate to Kiev. Golden Gate was built in 1164, after they had completed the construction of the defense shafts of the New Town.

Kiev Opera

Kiev Opera and Ballet theater (Kiev Opera)  is an architectural monument of 19th century. In 1898 - after the fire of 1896, they've started construction of a new building on project of the Russian architect Viktor Schröter. Nearby the Opera theather you may also find such attractions as St. Sophia's Cathedral and Golden Gate. The performances are being held during all the season from September till the and of June annually.