Pirogovo Museum
Pirogovo Museum Ukraine
Map of Pirogovo Museum
Pirogovo Museum
Pirogovo Museum
Pirogovo Museum
Pirogovo Museum
Pirogovo Museum
Pirogovo Museum of Ukrainian Folk Architecture & Life style
Akademichna street, Kyiv, 02000
from 10 AM to 7 PM
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Pirogovo Museum

Pirogovo/Pirohovo is the unique open air museum, where you can  immerse in the  incredible atmosphere of ancient Ukraine, enjoy the nature, relax and learn more about life and customs of Ukrainian peasants, who lived in 16 -20th  centuries.

The museum is an ideal place to get acquainted with Ukrainian culture, architecture and life. Walking near the beautiful fields, forests, coming from one house to another you can understand the truly life of Ukrainians. Pirohivo was found in 1969 and nowadays the exhibition of the museum consists of more than 300 buildings, which were taken from different historical regions of Ukraine to the museum and rebuilt on the spot.

Teritorry of the museum

Among the buildings of Pirohovo you can find houses, churches, wind mills, barns and even the school. It’s interesting to know that the oldest house of the museum was built in 1587 and the oldest church in 1742.

On the huge territory of museum (150 hectares) you will see many historical regions of Ukraine: Naddnipryanshchina , Slobozhanschina, Polissya, Podillya ,Tavrya and Carpathians. All of the regions located in common to natural landscapes, which helped to create original atmosphere of the region. Carpathian region of the museum located on the hills and surrounded with forest, Podillya – on the flat land, Tavrya region - in the steppe. Besides really old exhibits of the museum, there also are settlements of the half of 20th century.

Houses in every region have different outside and inside decoration, but in all of them you will see authentic Ukrainian costumes, furniture, dishes and, of course, embroidery. Ukraine is famous by handmade embroidery. Starting from the ancient times and even till the half of 20th century in villages every woman could embroider. In every house there are embroidered rushniki(towels), tablecloth and sheets. The most beautiful embroidered towels (ukr: rushniki) were put on the icons of Jesus Christ, Virgin Maria and other Saints, which are in the one corner of the house. There are many churches in Pirogovo (Pirohovo), which proves the fact that religion played important role in the life of Ukrainians.


The Pirohovo Kiev museum fields of wheat and wind mills in Pirohovo create the atmosphere of old village. Even in the begging of the 20th century most of the citizens of Ukraine were peasants, who worked on the fields, growing wheat and having their own household. Besides work on the fields, Ukrainians had their own gardens and land near the house, as you can see in the museum. Near the entrance to the house are usually growing beautiful traditional plants.

Pirogovo is place, where you will meet people in national costumes playing the traditional Ukrainian instruments (bandura, kobza, sopilka) and singing folk songs. It is always pleasant to listen to the traditional music and it helps to feel and deeper understand Ukrainian culture.

This museum is worth visiting because it is the best place for people, who would like to know more about Ukrainian culture. During the last years Pirogovo museum became a popular place of celebration of traditional holidays. Walking around and enjoying beautiful nature you won’t only take nice photos, but also will get unforgettable impressions.